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  • Unlimited scheduling

  • Planning & content ideas

  • Monitoring & replying

  • Reporting

  • Team collaboration

  • Assignment & approval

  • User management

  • Content AI Creation

  • Account management

Grow your audience, attract new customers, and reach your social media goals with an all-in-one platform.

The most seamless experience with scheduling, monitoring, and reporting on social media.



Direct scheduling
Schedule a month's worth of content in minutes with our bulk importer and tailor posts with profile tags, locations, and hashtags.

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Audience engagement
Respond quickly to audience comments, direct messages, and mentions in a centralised inbox, so you never miss a beat.

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Content customization
Add visuals from GIPHY, Pexels, or Canva and customise them per platform with our built-in image editor.

All Hands In


Collaboration with clients
Onboard clients securely into their own dashboards without sharing passwords and make the most of their time with in-app approvals.

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Reports & trends
Showcase your results with automated reports. Get an overview of your best-performing posts to further inform your strategy.

Light Bulb Poster


An ocean of post ideas
Quickly source engaging content using our dashboard holiday calendar, automated RSS feeds, and Google Alerts.

Advantages Included


Streamline your digital marketing efforts with an all-in-one platform that eliminates the need to piecemeal multiple tools together!


Easily capture leads with a variety of features such as landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system, and more!


Effortlessly stay connected with leads using a variety of automated messaging tools, including voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger, and beyond!


Seamlessly collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics with our user-friendly built-in tools!

2 is an all-encompassing marketing platform that offers a plethora of features for capturing new leads. Among these features is a comprehensive page builder, allowing you to effortlessly create engaging websites, funnels, and landing pages.

Our user-friendly platform includes a custom menu option, allowing you to tailor your website to your specific needs. With our high-performance landing page builder, you can create visually captivating pages that are sure to capture the attention of your target audience.

In addition to these features, we also offer drag-and-drop surveys and forms that can be seamlessly integrated into your page or embedded on your own website. And to make the process even easier, we've even included an online appointment scheduling tool, allowing you to capture appointments and requests all in one simple flow.


Effortlessly schedule appointments with potential clients through our fully automated booking system.


Utilize our automated nurture conversations to seamlessly communicate with leads and convert them into scheduled appointments, without the need for any human interaction.


Customize your messaging with ease using our campaign builder, and benefit from the added advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to effectively manage conversations and enhance the customer experience.


Establishing client areas with comprehensive course management capabilities is an exceptional way to enhance your online presence.


You can create entire courses with unrestricted video hosting and the capacity to support an infinite number of users. The versatility of our platform allows you to offer free or paid courses seamlessly, all within one convenient product. is equipped to provide unlimited offers, users, and products for your courses. This makes it possible for you to develop courses for your clients or your own enterprise with ease.


Boost Your Sales with Efficient Workflow Management.

Effortlessly manage your workflow and sales pipeline with our Pipeline Management feature. Easily track the status of leads and monitor which stage of the sales funnel they are in.

Seamlessly Collect Payments from Customers.

With our direct integration with Stripe, collecting payments on websites, funnels, and appointment bookings has never been easier.

Centralize Your Analytics and Reports.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your leads' status and revenue generated at each stage through our intuitive dashboard. Keep all your analytics and reports in one place for convenient and streamlined tracking.


Join thousands of successful business owners on and learn how to grow your business with their proven strategies.


With a comprehensive platform that includes lead management, website tools, funnel management, and calendar integration, has everything you need to succeed. Start your journey to success today.

Capture New Leads
Automated Follow Up & Convert
Automated Bookings
Close & Get Paid provides marketers with a comprehensive suite platform that offers a complete range of tools to capture new leads. Among these tools is a full-featured page builder that enables users to create custom menus, high-performing landing pages, and complete websites that captivate and convert leads. The platform also offers a built-in capability for capturing leads through surveys and capture forms, which can be integrated with the page builder or embedded on other websites. Additionally, has developed an online appointment scheduling feature that streamlines the process of capturing and managing appointments, making it a simple and straightforward process for businesses. thrives on nurturing leads into becoming customers, achieved by creating engaging and automated follow-up campaigns through various channels. These campaigns can be easily customized to capture the interest of potential customers and generate meaningful engagement. Connecting with leads through phone calls, voicemail drops, SMS/MMS, emails, and Facebook Messenger, the platform enables seamless two-way communication on any device. Furthermore, its full-featured mobile app enhances communication, making it easier to stay connected with potential customers on-the-go.

Easily schedule appointments with leads and prospects without any manual effort by utilizing automated nurture conversations. With complete control over the messaging, you can customize the text using our campaign builder. Our platform also integrates AI and Machine Learning technology to effectively manage and streamline the conversation.

Join our community of top digital marketers who are achieving unparalleled success. Gain access to comprehensive training and resources that can help you launch or grow your business with confidence.

Effortlessly manage your workflow and pipeline using our state-of-the-art Pipeline Management feature. This allows you to easily track your leads and their progress through the sales funnel.

Accepting payments has never been easier with our integration with Stripe. You can collect payments for websites, funnels, and appointments directly through our platform.

Stay informed with all the data and analytics you need, consolidated into a single dashboard. This will give you a clear picture of where your leads are, and how much revenue has been generated at every stage of the sales process.

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